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What's Inside?

I am sure you know – starting a business is one thing… but running it …a totally different ballgame.

Every business today pays thousands of dollars on marketing strategies to build a brand.

Here’s the problem though…Reputation. Goodwill. Brand. It takes a lifetime to build and only a few minutes to ruin it.

‘140 words’ is all it takes to bring any business down. That’s 1-4-0 words uttered by someone who can’t tell the difference between black and blue.

Of course, it’s YOUR business and the onus of protecting it is on… YOU. But can you?I am not questioning your ability to protect your business here – I am talking your preparedness.You can only duck, block or throw a counter punch when you SEE one coming.

And in today’s world of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and a ton of other platforms – you don’t know when you are going to take a hit … and from where.

It’s no secret that positive reviews feeds new business.

With RepWarn helps you:

Improve Customer Service: Receive instant notifications via email or App. when someone talks about you or your business. Every notification includes a link straight to the conversation so you can easily jump in and reply.

· Increase Sales And Profits: Find people who are looking at your product or service, but still haven't made the purchase. Reach out and convert them into paying customers.

· Stay A Step Ahead: Because RepWarn tracks ANY website and EVERYTHING you ask it to, you can even track what’s said about your competitors.

And a lot more…

“Excellent resource. After implementing all the tips and tricks our positive reviews grew by 60%. Must read for everyone!”

Diana Smith

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